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Online racer Quantum Rush soon as a single player version?

The developer team of online racer Quantum Rush, which is currently in the open beta phase and has fans all across the world, considers a single player version of the game. Now the community has to decide – the team is asking for feedback on this idea! The reason for these thoughts are the current lag problems. Although the next patches will bring optimizations and improvements, the main reason will remain:

4th international world opened in medieval browsergame Holy War

Today a brand new international world opened in the medieval browsergame Holy War. This is the first new world since the big battle update and the introduction of the battle fatigue in December. The big December update had a rocky start – but everything is smoothed out again and all the new features can now be used to their full potential! The city battles allow every order to conquer the cities on

New international world in Tagoria & recruiting contest

A short while ago Tagoria, the popular fantasy browsergame of Berlin based online game developer GameArt Studio, celebrated its 5th birthday with a dimension battle weekend. Now it opens a new world and stages a big recruiting contest! It will be the third international world in Tagoria. International means that every player can freely choose between 11 languages and even change his selection at anytime during play. Of course this applies to

Holy War - The players have decided

The players have decided: No new regulation for battle declarations in medieval browser game Holy War! The result of a survey started in April among the players of worldwide-known medieval browser game Holy War is in: Surprisingly the community voted against a regulation that intended to restrict the activities of so-called blocking orders. 65% of the players voted against the regulation and the comment section also showed clearly that the majority of

Big recruiting contest for the successful start of the first goldworld in fantas …

Berlin based online games developer GameArt Studio announced that today the auctions started on the new goldworld in Glory Wars. To celebrate the successful start of the goldworld and the auctions there will be a big recruiting contest that runs until the end of June! Last week the first so-called goldworld went online in the worldwide known fantasy browser game Glory Wars. The new goldworld is bustling with thousands of players from

New order feature online in medieval browsergame Holy War

Berlin based online games developer GameArt Studio announced that from now on players can join orders from different worlds within their world group! After a majority of the players – more than 80% across all languages – voted for the change in a survey, the new feature was quickly implemented. So from now on the players can join any order in their world group. It will be interesting to see how this changes

First “goldworld” online in fantasy browsergame Glory Wars

The first goldworld went online in the worldwide popular fantasy browsergame Glory Wars. “Goldworld” means that gold is the only ingame currency. Plainly said: Every game feature can be used absolutely free. The new world is also international and multilingual. That means every player can choose the language of the game. All GameArt Studio games are available in eleven languages. The player can also choose freely between the eleven different languages of

Great order survey in browser game Holy War

Today started a great survey about cross world orders in the worldwide known medieval browser game Holy War. You can find the survey thread in the Holy War forum, where you can also discuss the pro and contra of cross world orders. During the last year the worlds of the medieval browser game Holy War were merged into groups. Last October Berlin based online games developer GameArt Studio announced that all

Big ticket promotion in browser games Holy War, Glory Wars, Tagoria and A.I. War

Berlin based online games developer GameArt Studio is providing its players a special Easter ticket promotion. Redeeming a premium ticket will grant great extra bonuses in all four games. Only a few days after the last successful world merges in Tagoria more good news are waiting for the fans of GameArt Studio's browser games. Today started the big Easter ticket promotion at GameArt Studio. It will run until 4.4.2013 and offers hot

Big New Years Eve ticket promotion at GameArt Studio

Berlin based browser game developer GameArt Studio already got its players into the winter and Christmas mood with many different promotions and contests, now they launch their big New Years Eve ticket promotion in Holy War, Glory Wars, A.I. War and Tagoria. The New Years Eve ticket promotion will run until January 4th 2013 and all players receive great extras for redeeming tickets, like twice the amount of diamonds or credits

More winter promotions at GameArt Studio - Shoutbox-Quiz in Glory Wars

Atmospheric winter pictures and the new Shoutbox-Quiz are getting the players of the fantasy browser game Glory Wars into the mood of the cold season! After starting the winter season in its browser games Holy War and Tagoria Berlin based browser game developer GameArt Studio follows up with new features in Glory Wars. The graphic artists changed the locations of the fantasy browser game into gorgeous and mysterious winter landscapes - and

Recruitment Contest in Medieval Browser Game Holy War Reveals a New Feature

Berliner web game developers and publishers GameArt Studio have announced today that from 1st September 2012, there will be a recruitment contest in their internationally-acclaimed, medieval-themed web game, Holy War. Even though work on the world merge in Holy War only began a few days ago, it is already in full flow. What's more, this development also brings with it an exciting new feature for all players of the browser

No Silly Season: A Second International World is Opened Today in Tagoria

It's all systems go at the Berlin-based browser game developers' - just as the Summer Ticket Promotion across all GameArt Studio games is coming to a close today, players of the popular fantasy browser game Tagoria can now reap the benefits of yet another development! Today, the second international world in Tagoria has been opened! The first international world in Tagoria was opened in January of this year, and it was such

Super Summer Ticket Promotion in Holy War, Glory Wars, Tagoria and A.I. War

Today, Berlin-based web game developer GameArt Studio has fired the starting pistol for the traditional Summer Ticket Promotion. During the running time of the Summer Ticket Promotion, players will be rewarded with extra bonuses when they cash in their tickets in Holy War, the fantasy RPGs Glory Wars and Tagoria, and last but not least the science-fiction web game A.I. War. As of today, every ticket redeemed for Premium status

Tacticians wanted! PvE missions in A.I. Invasion

The last few announcements focused on the game's visuals and came with lots of eye candy, impressive examples of both artworks and in-game graphics. This time, GameArt Studio has revealed some insights into A.I. Invasion's gameplay features. Today's topic is the game mode PvE (player versus environment). In contrast to A.I. Invasion's PvP features, which allow players to pit their skills against each other, the PvE aspects of the game are

Recruitment Contest in Web Games Glory Wars and A.I. War

As of next Sunday, 1st July, the so-called Recruitment Contest will be held in both the fantasy-RPG Glory Wars and also in the science-fiction web game A.I. War. The aim of the game is to enroll as many recruits in one language as possible. The competition will run throughout the course of July. Anyone can participate and stand the chance to win some great prizes. The winners in A.I. War

Hordes of Rowdy Robots – the NPCs of A.I. Invasion

Following the recent sneak preview of planet Erion's fantastic landscapes, where GameArt Studio's new 3D action MMORPG is to be played out, it's now the turn of the NPCs. But what exactly are NPCs? It stands for 'non-player character'. Being an MMORPG, A.I. Invasion will be home to NPCs as well as human players, who play either with or against each other. Those of you who know the game story

Preparations for the World Merge in Web Game Holy War: Deletion of Inactive Acco …

Berlin-based web game developers GameArt Studio have today announced that the promised merging of game worlds in their medieval web game Holy War is coming along in leaps and bounds. The GameArt Studio team would also like to let all Holy War players know that a proportion of the inactive accounts will be deleted before this update is carried out. GameArt Studio would like to use this upcoming update as

Second International World in Medieval Web Game Holy War Now Open!

Earlier this year, Berlin-based web game developers GameArt Studio launched the first international world in their internationally acclaimed medieval web game Holy War. This world was completely different to the previous Holy War worlds, since it was an international and hence multilingual world. The user interface in this world was customised by the GameArt Studio programmers so that each player could select and switch effortlessly between the languages of the game-play

Spring Fan Art Contest in Glory Wars

Despite the unpredictable Spring weather, Berlin-based web game developers GameArt Studio are already in Spring-mode, and are therefore hosting a Spring Fan Art Contest for all players of the fantasy web game Glory Wars. Anyone can take part in the contest, starting today and ending on 10.06.2012 at 01:00 a.m. server time. As always, there are a multitude of sumptuous prizes to be won: along with Premium tickets, the best Fan

Spring Fan Art Contest in Science Fiction Game A.I. War

Today, Berlin-based web game developers GameArt Studio are launching their Spring Fan Art Contest in their science-fiction RPG, A.I. War. As always, participants stand the chance of winning some awesome prizes: The best Fan Art entries will be rewarded with Premium tickets and credits. The competition is not restricted to any particular theme, which means that players can let their imaginations run wild and use any conceivable art-form, be it a

Spring Fan Art Contest in Medieval Web Game Holy War

The developers and operators of the internationally acclaimed Medieval web game Holy War, GameArt Studio, have today launched their Spring Fan Art Contest in which players are given the chance to walk away with some fantastic prizes: Alongside Premium tickets, winning entries will also be rewarded with gold, the standard currency in the Medieval world of Holy War. All Holy War players can take part, and are called upon to get

May recruiting competition in the web game Tagoria!

April showers bring forth May flowers ... Berlin based web game developer GameArt Studio greet the merry month of May with fresh ideas and great news for their Tagoria players: On the 1st of May begins a new competition where all players of the fantasy web game Tagoria can participate and win amazing prizes, including rare items and literally months of premium access. The recruiting competition will take place during the whole month

A.I. Invasion – further details of the new MMORPG project

The Berlin-based web game developers GameArt Studio have released further details of their new MMORPG project A.I. Invasion. After the first few hints about the story of the upcoming smash hit action game were revealed, more information has been given as to how the story will unfold. On the distant planet of Erion, the futuristic city and human headquarters ?Erion One“ serves as a base for all expeditions into the

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