Our Proven Content Marketing Process

1. Evaluate

Conduct research and set benchmarks

How will content connect your business and marketing goals to a content marketing plan? We’ll conduct stakeholder interviews and gather information to build a preliminary content marketing strategy that gets you closer to reaching your goals.

2. Content Creation

Bring your ideas to life and build high-quality content, from simple blog posts to interactive multimedia projects.
The heart and soul of Content marketing is in the creation of original content. Content creation is your organization’s opportunity to prove its knowledge and give itself an original voice. It may include:

  • Blogging
  • Creating Infographics
  • Creating Videos
  • Writing eBooks, Whitepapers, etc.
  • Hosting Webinars
  • Podcasts

3. Content Distribution

We understand that different audiences live on different platforms and different platforms require different formats of content. We understand your audience and distribute content catered to the platform they spend most time on.

4. Evaluation & Improve

All activity is tracked and measured so it can be continually refined to meet your overall objectives. Data driven insights gives you the digital intelligence to deliver measurable profit to your business. This helps you realize the full value of your marketing investment.

Our Growth Methodology

Let’s chat
After getting in contact, we’ll schedule a call to discuss where your business sits in the current scheme of things.
Market ROI Analysis
We’ll go back and analyse the industry your company operates in and how we can get the best ROI for your business. We can then fill you in on the best way to maximise your organisation’s growth.
Once we’ve taken into account the current state of your business and thoroughly analysed the market for opportunities to maximise your ROI, we’ll provide you with our recommendations which you can take or leave.
Compile a strategy
By now you’ve chosen the take option, so we’ll compile a strategy that considers the market ROI Analysis, the current state of your business and our recommendations to facilitate the growth your company deserves.
Growth in the short term is easy, but maintaining it in the long-run is the challenge. That’s where our constant evaluation of what works and what doesn’t using the latest analytics tools, will be the difference between failure and success.

Our Recent Blog Posts

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